Who We Are

In 1973, when computers were limited to science and academia, entrepreneurs Norman Gibat and Kathleen Howard visualized the potential the technology had to offer and began what is now known as Noguska Inc.

From corporate consulting to full-scale implementation of innovative software applications, IT services and industry-specific solutions, Noguska has done it all.

In an age of fly-by-night Internet start-ups, Noguska stands out by providing quality service and fostering long-term business partnerships that have earned them the stellar reputation they have today.

Where did the name Noguska originate? The founders of Noguska in 1973 were Norman Gibat, his son, George "Gus" Gibat, and Kathleen Howard. By combining the first parts of the founders names together, Noguska was born.

IT Services

Offering comprehensive IT solutions on both Windows and Linux platforms.

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Software Development

Specializing in fully customizable cloud ERP applications for businesses worldwide.

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Web Design

Designing affordable, unique sites which cater to your audience and induce growth.

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