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Who We Are
Fourty years ago, back when computers were limited to science and academia, a few NW Ohio entrepreneurs had the vision to see the potential computers had to offer.

So with a small group of programmers and skilled technicians they began what is now known as Noguska LLC.
Today, Noguska brings its innovation, vision, and expertise to software development projects of any size or industry. From consulting for in-house applications to full-scale analyzation and implementation of enterprise-wide custom solutions, Noguska has done it all.
In an age of "officeless" Internet business and fly-by-night consultants, Noguska stands out from the crowd by providing quality service and customer support that has earned them the long-standing reputation they have today.


The Noguska full time staff is just under a dozen members. This staff originates and directs all of its current and ongoing projects. Contract technical staff, about half American and half foreign, are used when needed to stabilize the work load and flow.
Track Record of Stability

Noguska LLC was started in Fostoria, Ohio in 1973 as a partnership between Kathleen Howard and Norman Gibat. The business was formed to repair and service typesetting and printing equipment.
By 1976, however, they had become serious about their off-beat "computer" hobby by researching the few tech magazines that existing back then. Ms. Howard and Mr. Gibat were well poised to take advantage of this technology since their own skills were in engineering and electronics.

By the mid-80's Noguska had grown from one of Northwest Ohio's first computer stores into a full-service software, hardware and networking business, inking multi-year contracts with companies such as Bechtel and Xerox.

The company continued to evolve through the era of DOS into Windows and eventually Linux to become one of the leading independent development and IT consulting firms in the country.

With an impeccable track record for service and quality, Noguska is proud to offer its 40+ years of experience to clients worldwide. As a pioneer in new technology, Noguska leads the field in web-based business applications for both the Linux and Windows platforms.

For an example, check out NolaPro® - one of the web's most critically acclaimed business management software packages.

It runs on almost any platform and the full, robust package doesn't cost a dime. It can also be customized to "fit" any business as per client request. The wave of the future is here and web-based software like NolaPro is it!

Proudly serving your technical needs since 1973!
Our IT Philosophy

At Noguska, computer hardware is important to us.
Whether you bring your computer to us for a service repair, or have our tech visit your home or office, we take extra pride in our personal service.
Technology has grown at such a rapid pace both at home and in the workplace that it touches everyone these days. Personal computers (PCs) and Local Area Networks (LANs) are now a main factor in small businesses and corporations all over the United States. They provide substantial benefits in productivity at a minimum cost.

However, most small businesses find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of PCs and LANs and the increasing expensive support for current installations. Noguska can help you meet the challenges of providing state-of-the-art computing to your office's users. We specialize in the technologies that make up the infrastructure of your computing environment.

Noguska provides many hardware and networking services, including computer and network installation, remote management, data warehousing, cabling, consulting, upgrades, and server management. Noguska also customizes cables in any volume, from network to parallel, and we can assemble cables in any pin-out you want, by either diagram or application.

PCs and the LANs that keep them communicating are key elements of today's business environment. However, even as these LANs become more and more important to the operation of the business, many are at risk of catastrophic failure. Viruses and hardware crashes can destroy critical business data. Employees can inadvertently or maliciously erase or modify key files.

Noguska offers several services to both help remedy and prevent these situations. We can help "bullet-proof" your network and protect it from failure. In addition other services can add significant function to your network to make the most of your investment, such as anti-virus, spyware protection, data backups, and LAN security.